Kill the exploding squirrels while growing your tree and keeping them away from the nest.  Move the camera up or down using the scroll wheel or dragging with the right mouse button. Use the mouse to grow roots, branches, "tree houses" and even the tree itself(which is what you are supposed to do, because that's your score). Growing  costs energy which you get every few seconds the more roots you have. Squirrels may or may not explode, but if they do they can destroy nearby "tree houses".


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Could you send me a gameplay clip that I can use in the highlight video.

Are you in our discord?

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I'm still able to completely beat the game with 6 houses.

I got 666 growth (I completely broke the game lol and filled up the roots entirely)

Yeah, the game was really unbalanced in this way, I changed a line of code so that the tree houses have a range and the game is way better now. It's a bummer that I've gotten so many ratings already...

I think a difficulty/price escalation system would have worked best to fix that